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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Caribbean Cruises: Great choice for a vacation-Here's why

When you're planning a vacation, consider a Caribbean cruise. The advantages are definite: the Caribbean is an easy destination to reach, and with its tropical climate of perpetual summer, its picturesque islands, and its wild diversity of cultures, there are few places in the world that can offer as much as the Caribbean.

From North America, most Caribbean cruises start in south Florida, a logical place, as there are several ports capable of accommodating the largest cruise ships, and the state is very close to the Caribbean. In fact, for some cruise lines, Caribbean cruises will include South Florida and the Bahamas Islands, even though these areas are technically outside the Caribbean Sea. They are close to it, however, and share the same climate and much of the same attitude.

You'll want to check with your cruise line, to see what Caribbean cruise packages are available. The Caribbean is a large area, stretching some 2000 miles from Mexico in the northwest to the island of Barbados in the east, and most cruise packages will only cover part of the total area. Some common cruise options are the Eastern Caribbean, covering the Lesser Antilles and Puerto Rico, the Southern Caribbean, covering the Dutch Antilles and the adjacent areas of South America, and the Western Caribbean, covering southeastern Mexico, Central America, and Jamaica.

Each of these areas has its own set of attractions. Younger travelers, especially honeymooners, are frequently drawn to the party atmosphere of Jamaica, or Cozumel, Mexico. Many older cruise-goers particularly enjoy the relaxed culture of the small islands of the Eastern Caribbean. Whatever your preference, make sure that you try the shore excursions offered on your Caribbean cruise : they're the best way to get the full feel of the area, and an unforgettable experience.

Whichever part of the Caribbean you choose to cruise, make sure that you pack your passport. You'll be crossing a lot of international boundaries, and while the cruise line will help you with customs clearance, it's always wise to keep your travel documents with you.

Brian James is the President of All Aboard Cruises Corp Caribbean Cruises


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