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Friday, December 16, 2011

Short-Term Furnished Apartment Rentals

There has been a lot of buzz about the Vacation rental and short-term apartment scene lately. You've got the big boys like Airbnb.com, Homeaway.com and new comer Roomarama.

Are these the best ways to find a great apartment let's say in Paris for a few months? Probably not, those sites are geared towards rentals of a few days, maybe a few weeks max.

Well, were to turn you ask? There is always craigslist, but with amount of spam and scams, probably not your best. You could always search local sites or try a local Realtor, but your looking to save some cash and we now that rental agents in the big cities rake you over the coals on commissions and fees.

Well, I found a better solution, it's called Renterly.com and it is aimed at the customer who specifically need a apartment for the 1-6 month range. Flats are added by there staff and locals with rooms to rent, flats to sublet or whole apartments to lease. Best things is Renterly is free to use for both Leasee and Leasors.

So if your relocation to Berlin, Kansas City or even the Middle East, there is a pretty good chance you'ss find that perfect apartment rental on Renterly.com

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